Scarabeo presents UP, his first kitchen sink by Emo Design

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Company details
Loc. Pian Del Trullo - 01034 Fabrica Di Roma - VT
Tel. +39.0761.540028 - Fax +39.0761.540286
Scarabeo Ceramiche is using trials and development to open the way to an unexplored market, with the UP ceramic kitchen sink, designed by Emo design.

UP is an innovative product inspired by tradition, a proposal in contrast with the minimalist style of the most widely available kitchens, but also in harmony with them. It becomes a decorative element, the central focus offering a unique and personal touch.

Feminine and refined lines form a raised edge between the sink and the surface area, and the gap which breaks up this harmonious line assists the water flow towards the centre of the sink.

UP is available in the recessed version flush with the surface, with one or two sinks.

The sink is also equipped with the innovative Scarabeo Bio System, the combined antibacterial protection and easy to clean system which ensures the ceramic material is hygienic and easy to clean.

Misure: cm 86x50