Four Iconic Awards 2018 for Scarabeo Ceramiche

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Scarabeo’s excellent work receives a new, prestigious international prize. The company was awarded four Iconic Awards 2018 with Frame, Glam, Teorema 2.0 and UP.

Supported for over 60 years by the German Design Council, the Iconic Awards contest identifies the best products of the year in order to promote quality in interior decoration through functional design. Like every year, an international jury of experts from the world of design and journalism chose the most significant products based on criteria such as concept, innovation, design quality, functionality, practicality and ergonomics.

The Best of Best - the most important prize of the contest – for the Bathroom Furniture Collection category was awarded to Frame 120, the new bathroom system designed by Emo Design and characterized by a combination between the essence of wood and the structure of metal section that creates an extremely versatile solution.

The Selection award for the Washbasin category was given to two Scarabeo products: Teorema 2.0, the 120 cm washbasin, with right-hand shelf characterized by rigorous, simple and elegant shapes, with an edge of only 6 mm, and Glam 76R designed by Emo Design, the new, resistant washbasin with a delicate, refined design and very thin edges.

And finally, the third Selection award for the Kitchen Sink category was awarded to UP, the new kitchen sink by Emo Design. UP is an innovative product inspired by tradition, a proposal in contrast with the minimalist style of the most widely available kitchens, but also in harmony with them. It becomes a decorative element, the central focus offering a unique and personal touch.