Tonino Lamborghini Casa - COLLEZIONE ZERO - Design Marco Piv [..]

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Company details
Tonino Lamborghini Casa is produced by Formitalia Luxury Group

Via Corticella, 5/7/9 – 51039 Valenzatico (PT)
Tel. +39 0573 790066 Tel. 39 055 696051 –
Formitalia, in close cooperation with Studio Marco Piva, previews the Zero Collection by Tonino Lamborghini Casa. This collaboration is inspired by the important project of the Tonino Lamborghini Towers at Chengdu in China and aims to delineate new scenarios and new visions for both household and common spaces.

In both cases the formal research aims to create items with a strong but, at the same time, essential and elegant image. They are furnishing items characterised by a strong personality able to distinguish the space where they are located, thanks to their distinguished presence.

The ZERO Collection, fully produced and distributed by Formitalia which is the sole agent worldwide, aims to offer a series of items able to communicate mutually to offer complete and coordinated furnishing solutions both for your house and for welcoming places such as hotels, holyday villages, restaurants and places for entertainment.

A special attention has been paid to materials in a combination of metals, leathers, glasses, corian with chromatic versions compatible with the most varied aesthetic matrixes, from East to West, from North to South in the world without contradicting the essence of the project addressed to a contemporary, international, well-educated and dynamic LIFE STYLE.

System of Upholstered items
The Frame system consists of armchairs, sofas and benches meant to delineate continuous seats. The formal aspect, marked by rigours lines, is suitable for “soft” versions thanks to its rich cushions in three different sizes able to transform it in the freest and most imaginary manner.
Frame “frames” the area of the seat characterising it in a decisive way and is designed so that it can be positioned in the middle of the most important rooms both in private houses and in welcome places, as well.
The Frame system also implies the combination of more rigorous forms, with designed upholstering and “interpreted” with seams and material textures both in fabric and in leather, combined with softer leathers or with exclusive fabrics for cushions and for backs.

Table Collection
The table collection KUBE is based on a structural and constituent element which is extremely simple, on a metal dihedron able, by multiplying, to support a great variety of tops: round, square, rectangular and oval ones in different sizes and finishing, both for dining tables, meeting tables or for low tables for lounge areas.
Kube offers targeted solutions for the most varied needs with tops made of glass, stone, marble, stoneware and wood characterised by very elegant and refined textures and finishing arranged in the building details.

System of Seats
The system of seats ROUND consists of chairs, small armchairs and armchairs Lounge characterised by smooth and enveloping lines, meant for convivial and relaxing moments both for household places and for Suites and Lounges of Hotels and Resorts.
The ROUND seats are characterised by special manufacturing of upholstering with extremely refined weaves made by the skilful hands of the artisans able to convey age-old know-how to what is contemporaneous.
The collection has also been designed to offer pairs of materials, finishing and colours which make its appearance be extremely customisable.