Tonino Lamborghini Casa presents the new ROADSTER living

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Company details
Tonino Lamborghini Casa is produced by Formitalia Luxury Group

Via Corticella, 5/7/9 – 51039 Valenzatico (PT)
Tel. +39 0573 790066 Tel. 39 055 696051 –
Clean lines and dynamic forms for the new living ROADSTER by Tonino Lamborghini Casa, produced and distributed by Formitalia Luxury Group with worldwide exclusive rights.
Elegant pieces of furniture characterised by unique finishing and top quality, skilfully matched for a harmonious effect which emphasises a contemporary and gritty mood.
Very valuable hides, sought-after materials and a master craftmanship strictly made in Italy characterise, once again, the new pieces of furniture by Tonino Lamborghini which are able to interpreter luxury with a refined personality, showing clearly that impactful design which has always characterised the brand of the Bull as well as luxury lifestyle of Lamborghini family.
It is a three-seat sofa characterised by an important line, with solid dimensions and, at the same time, lean and light to the eye thanks to its unusual shape which emphasises a clean and highly refined design.
It is fully covered with a precious buckskin and is proposed with tilted and sloping armrests which are enriched by metal inserts lacquered with glossy bronze. These inserts centrally outline horizontally the sides and the back as well, giving a sense of aerodynamics and softness.
Sizes: cm 262x107x78H
Elaborate, beautiful and extremely comfortable, the gorgeous armchair Twist results from a very top-level artisan engineering.
The structure is defined by the perfect combination between titanium lacquered metal and hand branded elements made of Brandy coloured eco-leather and which cross thus creating an elegant play of empty and full spaces. The seat and the back are made of very soft Lario velvet.
Sizes: cm 82x115x73H
Like a hymn to nature and to its beauty, the gorgeous small tables Ninfea propose a design which strongly refers to the flower world.
With a base and an undertop made of lacquered metal with champagne coloured satinized finish and a top with irregular edges available made of marble or of ceramic, the set of small tables is manufactured in four different shapes and heights which allow to create unique and customized compositions.
Sizes: cm 106,6x106,6x30,5h - 61x59,4x35,6h - 57,8x55,8x40,6h - 57,2x57,2x45,7h
Elegant and very impactful, the new small table Rummy completes the living area in a luminous and refined way. It consists of a glossy black lacquered base and is completed by a lacquered top with a metal finishing placed asymmetrically for a dynamic as well as futuristic effect.
Sizes: cm 46x66x51h
Basic, refined and definitely functional, the new small table Round with its top made of Calacatta Gold marble, by Tonino Lamborghini Casa, offers an interesting solution, a case which is hidden into the structure itself. The lacquered base with a bronze finishing, in fact, contains a drawer which, when it is closed, disappear completely to your eyes.
Sizes: cm Ø130xh32,5