TRALERIGHE || first collection of wallpaper produced by an [..]

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Via Mazzini, 73/75
50050 Stabbia - Cerreto Guidi (FI) - Italy
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TRALERIGHE is the first collection of wallpaper produced by antoniolupi and is within the homonymous 'large container' designed by Gumdesign, “Tra le Righe”, inclusive of the already well know sinks Bolgheri and Gessati.

Wallpaper is a new challenge taken on by antoniolupi that completes the bathroom project. The common thread that binds it all together, the proposals of the concept are precisely the geometries and the colors; in Bolgheri the colors are warm and intense but do not refer back to a code or precise pantone because they are a shade. On the other hand, in the other proposals of this “large container” there is a contrast between warm muffled WHITE and BLACK that creates light and speaks about intensity.

The designs of the TRALERIGHE wallpaper collection are studied on a mathematical algorithm: horizontal, vertical and oblique lines intersect as if they were alive and constantly moving, conversing with each other; so that the optical result is not of closure within a pre-established graphical cage, but of openness, designing the space.

The 45 cm modules on each side approach each other creating infinite rhythmic and free designs. The space incorporates the movement that is given by the lines and is ready to welcome, like a pentagram welcomes the notes.

Lines only 1 millimeter thick communicate rationality and with order, yet their combination creates emotion. Paradoxically, the lines convey an absence ofborders.
The collection consists of
13 designs available in positive and negative.

Thin traced lines generate a network – the designers Gabriele Pardi and Laura Fiaschi summarize - A filter for a frenzy day to stop and look beyond. Go past the surface to immerse yourself in the invisible aspects of everyday life ".