TREND X e X-ONE by Zazzeri, A fascinating operation of Resty [..]

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Company details
Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A. - Frazione Burchio, N° 55
50064 Incisa Val d'Arno - (Firenze) - Italia
Tel. 39.055.696051 - Fax 39.055.696312 -
Design Arch. Fabrizio Batoni
Simple to “see”, easy to be used, loyal over the time.
These values, brought into this project, inspired the manufacturing of a product with a simple and sober design, able to furnish with lightness and elegance residential, private places as well as those meant to welcome. Its robust construction, its shapes easy to clean and the thrifty use of water controlled by containing devices, together with the formal harmony of its design, make it be a product to be true, over the time, to the expectations of the one who chooses it.

Adding two new knobs, very different one from the other one, the skilful play of new combinations of trendy colours being applied to a definitely contemporary body which keeps forms and proportions unchanged, this made it possible to carry out the new project TREND X and X-ONE.

An operation of restyling/redesign where the simple sequence of forms, finishing and colours allow to perfectly integrate the tap in any bathroom, a project meant and carried out in order to meet all the needs of a modern bathroom.

The new collection, characterized by a harmonious blending of cylindrical forms and flat surfaces, offers a wide range of figures for any space of your bathroom, with items for tops and built-in ones in different sizes.

All the items are made of brass with finishing available in the versions Brushed Steel (NF), Chrome (CR), Opaque White (10) and Opaque Black (31) or with the six new special finishing Brushed Brass (OS), Navy Brass (BN), Black Nickel (NN), Brushed Black Nickel (NX) , Brushed Copper (RS) and Rose Gold (OA).

TREND X is the version which most recalls the image of the historic TREND and today it is offered with a new complete lever with a more minimalistic and functional design which redesigns its appearance giving the collection a definitely modern line.

It must be noted the change made to the built-in bathtub set: the diverter is replaced by a solution with a spring characterized by the automatic recovery.

TREND X-ONE is available with a new cylinder-shaped knob which does not imply any type of lever. A clean and essential shape which allows the utmost customization thanks to the opportunity to choose the knob as well as the finishing of the collection available in 10 pastel colours.