Z316 - The brand-new ACCESSORIES of the first collection of [..]

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Company details
Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A. - Frazione Burchio, N° 55
50064 Incisa Val d'Arno - (Firenze) - Italia
Tel. 39.055.696051 - Fax 39.055.696312 -
Design by Roberto Innocenti
A range of accessories, which match perfectly, integrates into the new Z316 collection of taps, the design, the basic features and the robustness of steel, for a total look marked by elegance and functionality.

In addition to a wide selection of mixers, three-hole and one-hole taps as well as to different typologies of showerheads, Zazzeri offers a line of accessories strictly made of 316/L stainless steel which finish the bathroom making it be functional and very elegant.

This offer includes several elements: from towel holder to coat hanger, from shelves in different sizes to the dispenser holder, soap dish and toilet paper holder, from lavatory brush holder to the plate for the double flow flush tank to the shower toilet.

These objects are aesthetically satisfying and rational at the same time, able to interpreter the various qualities of steel in its daily uses and to give the place a continuity in terms of style and design.

Z316 is the collection of taps drawn by Arch. Roberto Innocenti Zazzeri wanted to seize the essential core of steel with, offering it in a wide and multifaceted selection of products for bathroom and kitchen where open-plat elements as well as the fitted ones are made of stainless steel.
Steel is a material which is applicable on several products; in particular, its high corrosion resistance, its soundness and its tendency not to interact with the environment make it be a material with hygienic qualities suitable for professional applications.