Zazzeri presents the new and fascinating brass finishes - Ne [..]

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Company details
Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A. - Frazione Burchio, N° 55
50064 Incisa Val d'Arno - (Firenze) - Italia
Tel. 39.055.696051 - Fax 39.055.696312 -
Consistent with its own innovative nature, which over the years allowed this brand to position itself among the most versatile and appreciated manufacturers of taps and fittings worldwide, Zazzeri surprises us once again by showing a series of new original and very appealing finishing.
Six new appealing textures able to transform the bathroom into a unique and extraordinary place:

BLACK NICKEL and PINK GOLD for a shiny and unbelievable elegant effect. Your bathroom immediately acquires a very fashion atmosphere and a special brilliance which persists over the time without becoming opaque ever.

BRUSHED BRASS, BRUSHED BLACK NICKEL, BRUSHED COPPER and NAVAL BRONZE for a very charming material effect gained by brushing brass. Four different shades for a very glamour, original and extremely trendy look.

The new finishing, resulting from insight and an accurate research, are available upon demand and are adaptable to all the collections made of brass.