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Company details
Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A. - Frazione Burchio, N° 55
50064 Incisa Val d'Arno - (Firenze) - Italia
Tel. 39.055.696051 - Fax 39.055.696312 -
Design Fabrizio Batoni
On the occasion of the next Salone del Mobile 2020, Zazzeri will present the complete JK21 collection. In addition to the washbasin mixer, launched on the market a few months ago for the 90th anniversary of the company, this iconic new collection enhanced considerably with new solutions and showers which confirm the elegant and versatile feature of a new technologically advanced collection.

The “capital” line of the handle and the prismatic shape of the delivery nozzle, which reminds an upside-down “Z”, characterize each element of this collection, from the numerous typologies of taps to the several versions of showers, clearly showing that JK21 is wellness oriented.

Therefore, lever washbasins have been conceived, in several heights, with two or three-hole tap sets, mixer taps and wall-supported and freestanding bathtubs.

The shower also offers several typologies of solutions, all of them with a matched design, such as the innovative ceiling mounted showerheads equipped with 3 water supply modalities – rainfall, waterfall and nebulization, the whole put together in a “miniaturised” place – and with a chromotherapeutic circle of light in order to live an experience able to satisfy all your senses. In addition to that, the showerheads are available in the versions with or without chromotherapy and each of them can be directly ceiling mounted or lowered to three additional heights with the aid of the specific ceiling mounted arms.

The shower enhances further with two typologies of small showers, one with a handle and a handheld one, both of them with a design which recalls, as for the handle, the shape of the delivery nozzle of mixer taps of washbasins and bidet; the small shower, instead, recalls the “capital” shape of levers. Both the small showers are bicolour since for the side of the nozzles they have a cover which is still in Carbon (pvd) finishing, while the remaining part of the top takes the finishing you choose out of the 7 available ones.

JK21, fully made of AISI 316L stainless steel, has been characterised from the beginning by the materical contaminations which identify it as an extremely original and functional collection, that perfectly fits with any kind of environment: from the professional hotel industry to a more private sphere, it reveals a marked vocation for an elegant luxury interior with both modern and classical features.

As a matter of fact, besides the brushed version of steel, JK21 offers several PVD finishing in the Carbon, Antracite, Bronzorame, Rame, Cognac and Orobianco versions. Moreover, the capital handle, which is handy and ergonomic, offers the user with the chance to customize the product by making a choice within a wide range of decorative inserts made of several materials and finishing: PVD or lacquered brushed steel in the following colours: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Petrolio, Blue-green and Coral red in the bright and matted versions, and natural stones such as Carrara white marble, Marquinia black marble and classic travertine which further embellish the strong and distinctive nature of the collection.

JK21 shows a deep respect for the environment because it is conceived not only to reduce water consumption, but also to be a product designed to last for long, due not only to the features of the material the product is made of, but also to its style which aims to satisfy over the time.

JK21 is an extremely versatile collection, capable of connecting to any living space through a harmonious style. Thanks to its simple line and architectural robustness, this series is suitable for both professional and private environments. Coming with many different functional and aesthetics solutions, JK21 is the ideal choice to furnish any typology of bathroom space with personality and elegance.